Healing Arts

Tai Chi and Qigong



  • Tai Chi and Qigong  classes in Wynyard 
  • Qigong Workshops & Retreats  in North West Tasmania
  • Relaxation Qigong Retreats around Australia
  • Qigong  Training for Tai Chi Teachers 

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Group Meditation Sessions


Facilitated Group Meditation Sessions will allow participants to explore a range of

dynamic and stillness meditation modalities 

to find what works best for them.

To receive information about upcoming Group Meditation in Sisters Beach Tasmania, please email Jay to express interest. zenji.jay@gmail.com 

Reiki, Energy & Shamanic Healing


Reiki, Energy & Shamanic Healing Sessions 

at the Healing Room in 

Sisters Beach Tasmania  and at 

The Sanctuary  Wellbeing & Yoga in Cooee.

To receive more information about  these offerings or to make an appointment, please contact Jay  zenji.jay@gmail.com 

or M: 0456 547 035


Qigong Training for Tai Chi Teachers & Level One Reiki Training


Qigong Training for Tai Chi Teachers 

is available at your location.  

Reiki Practitioner Training is also available.  

Chakra Healing & Creative Writing Workshops


Chakra Healing workshops guide participants through an exploration of their chakras to identify and heal blockages that may be holding them back from realising their full potential.  

Zen and the Art of Focused Expression explores creative writing through Haiku, 

a traditional form of Japanese poetry

To receive information about upcoming workshops in Sisters Beach Tasmania, please email Jay to express interest. zenji.jay@gmail.com 

Breathwork Transformation to Change Your Life


Individual and group 

Shamanic Breathwork sessions are available.  



· Release old negative behaviour, patterns and

subconscious belief systems

· Create deep inner peace and compassion

· Access powerful inner guidance and 

spiritual  awakening

· Boost confidence, awareness and

trust in yourself

· Clear and energise the entire body

· Allow you to gain powerful insights 

that bring about rapid change in your life

· Reawaken intuition, innocence and passion