... gentle, steady energy


  “Having been taught Tai Chi and Qigong by Jay for many years, and having experienced two of her Qigong Retreats in Bali , I  have nothing but praise for Jay’s teaching style, patience, knowledge of her subject and her willingness to share what she learns with her students. Jay has a gentle, steady energy about her. Her style of teaching is confident but never over-bearing.  As for the Qigong Retreats in Bali, they are exceptionally well-run and organised with the perfect balance between exercise, free time and activities. I have always come back to Australia feeling energised and relaxed.”

Margrit Beemster 


...excellent teaching style


"Jay's knowledge of qigong, coupled with her excellent teaching style, provides the ideal learning experience. I have enjoyed taking her retreats for many years and each time I have been pleased with how the retreat is run, how I can continually learn and improve my own ability to master the movements. Jay is very good at encouraging us to do as much as we can while recognising that we know our own limits. She is mindful of people's physical limitations but somehow I always end up getting further than I thought I could; that extra stretch, and improved strength of movement. 

We work hard but best of all, we have fun."

Suzanne Simon

 New South Wales

... warm and caring


 "The Bali retreat possesses a relaxed professional atmosphere.  Surrounded by a beautiful ambiance, Jay guides you  with ease and consistency through the progression of her workshops. Jay’s energy brings a warm and caring element to teaching platforms of 

Qigong, Tai Chi and Shibashi.
Thank you Jay."
AJ and Chris Vibart
Western Australia

(photo Jay on left with AJ on right)

Shamanic Initiation in Peru


Photo:  Receiving Shamanic Initiation from Peruvian Q’ero Paqo in the Incan tradition known as Llankay Karpay. Llankay is an explanation that we are all one part of a bigger picture and that each part is inherently dependent on the other. A Karpay transmission is where a Paqo intercedes on our behalf by invoking the Elemental Beings to assist us in the shift from the human beings we are

 to the luminous beings we are all becoming.  

At Moray, Sacred Valley, Peru 2018

Daoist Initiation in China


Photo:   Being initiated into the twenty fifth generation of Dragon Gate Daoism by

 Grand Master Wu Cheng Zhen 

the Abbott of the Changchun or

Eternal Spring Temple and Monastery. 

Received the Daoist name 

Xin Jie meaning Genuine Purity.  

In Wuhan, Hubei Province, China April 2007

Shamanic Initiation in Bali


Photo:  Receiving Shamanic Initiation into the Water Element and Dragon Energy at  

Kanto Lampo Waterfall near Ubud.  

With Star Wolf, Shamanic Breathwork creator.

 December 2016.